Deck the Halls in Pixels: Unwrapping Our Christmas Photos

Christmas photos are a great way to capture the spirit of the holiday season. They freeze moments of joy, love, and togetherness into timeless images. Family photos, for instance, show loved ones gathered around a beautifully adorned tree, children filled with anticipation as they await the arrival of Santa Claus, or friends exchanging gifts and sharing laughter. These photos are not just a visual representation of the holiday season but also evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia for years to come.

Christmas Photos

Christmas photos
The Steuart Boys

Each Christmas season brings with it a sense of joy and wonder that is difficult to capture in words. Nevertheless, we try our best to preserve those moments through photographs that tell their own stories. Whether it’s a cozy indoor scene with twinkling lights and festive decorations or an outdoor landscape blanketed in snow, each photo captures a unique moment that holds cherished memories.

Christmas photos
The Coombs Family

These photos can be shared on social media or kept in albums as visual reminders of the magic and spirit of the season. They spread cheer and goodwill to all who view them, making Christmas all the more special.

Christmas photos
Fergus and Gretel Ivey

Following the popularity of the Halloween photos, it was decided we would run a Christmas-themed shoot. So, we created these images at the community house with the magic of a blue screen and Photoshop.

Blue screen magic

Two Saturday afternoon sessions were scheduled. Bevlea Ross took the photos with Carole Perry helping the first week and Maree Gleeson stepping in for the second week. All the photos were taken against our new blue backdrop and then taken into Photoshop. Bevlea then edited the images before adding backgrounds and other elements, creating a little Christmas magic.

Before and After

We had eleven families come for Christmas photos, covering children, friends and even a couple of furkids who got in on the action. Twenty backgrounds were available for everyone to choose four from. The fireplace and sleigh ride both proved to be firm favourites.

Haylee Williams
Christmas photos
Little Miss Craig
Christmas photos
Maxie & Stevie Manson

Thank you to all who attended our Christmas photo shoot. May your Christmas be filled with family and joy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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