Who We Are

In the beginning . . .

And now . . .
The Kearns Centre
at 363 High St, Nagambie

The Kearns Centre

Nagambie Lakes Community House grew out of community action in response to the need for a community centre in the Nagambie area.

Today the Community House operates from The Kearns Centre at 363 High Street. Nagambie Lakes Community House is located in the Shire of Strathbogie in the town of Nagambie. Nagambie currently has a population of approximately 2000 people. Ongoing developments increase significantly the prospects of population growth.

Since its inception the House has developed a number of self help groups and various social activities. In more recent years, the house has also started to offer a wider range of courses and workshops, such as accredited Level 2 First Aid classes, Boat Licence and Responsible Service of Alcohol. We are also widening the demographic of the House, targeting younger people. Currently the typical participants of the Community House are retired local residents in the over 50 age group. The aim of the committee is to encourage a broader age group to join the Community House to ensure ongoing membership in forthcoming years.

After opening with just 7 groups, NLCH currently has 16 self help groups operating on a weekly or monthly basis. The number of participants in the groups ranges from 6 to 60 depending on the type of activity. The aim of the Committee is to ensure that the groups meet the needs of the community. These groups are run entirely on a volunteer basis, and their respective leaders capture the essence of who we are and what we do: sharing friendship, knowledge and skills.

Historic Achievements

• Formed Committee
• Become Incorporated
• Established a location on 7 Prentice Street
• Successfully applied for grants
• Organised and held Inaugural Annual General Meetings
• Instigated Work for the Dole / Shed and Shelter Program
• Established a community garden
• Carried out House renovations and garden beautification at 7 Prentice Street
• Built a pizza oven
• Auspicing of a local group for a grant to provide Christmas decorations for the main street of Nagambie
• Supported Library Author Program
• Applied for and received government funding
• Employed a coordinator
• Acquired a logotype
• Joined GNEACC network – Goulburn North East Association of Community Centre

More Recent Achievements

Organising and supporting various events such as:

  • International Women’s Day Breakfasts with proceeds supporting chosen charities – Men’s Breakfast
  • Block Party
  • Community Pizza Night
  • Healthy Ageing Day
  • Community Carols
  • Family Walks
  • Junior Dance Party
  • Youth Movie Night with free transportation
  • Community Quilt

Supported the wider Nagambie community during a world wide pandemic and statewide lockdown, by:

  • Creating a YouTube Advent Calendar
  • Manufacturing and delivering face masks to those in need
  • Offering to do shopping and food delivery
  • Instigating and making a community quilt
  • Printing and delivering our newsletter to members without Internet or email.
  • 2020 Australia Day Award
  • Relocated to a new larger facility in the centre of town. (The Kearns Centre.)
  • Expanded the number of members, activities, events and programs
  • Welcomed already existing groups under the NLCH umbrella, such as GoMen, Boomerang Bags and the Lakeside Larks.
  • Established and opened a food pantry for people in the community who are food insecure
  • Producing a monthly newsletter
  • Received financial support to continue printing the newsletter during the length of the pandemic