Garden Group

The Garden Group Meets Mondays between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon at the community garden at 7 Prentice St, Nagambie.

robyn and yvonne from garden group

Meets Monday mornings

Leaders: Robyn & Yvonne

Phone Robyn: 0458 147 333‬

Phone Yvonne: 0438 372 304

Email: or 

Note: A Community House fee of $2 pp applies

Joining a community garden is an experience that extends far beyond the cultivation of plants. Beyond the tangible rewards of fresh produce, participating in a community garden creates a sense of connection to the land and the people who share a common interest in sustainable living. It fosters a supportive environment where individuals can exchange gardening knowledge, tips, and experiences, creating a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts.

The act of working together to nurture and grow a garden promotes a shared sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Beyond the physical benefits of exercise and exposure to nature, participating in a community garden provides a unique opportunity for learning, skill-building, and contributing to the local ecosystem.

garden group
garden group

The Community House Garden has been a labour of love for close to eight years. Designed and instigated by Donna Winter-Irving, it has continued to grow and now produces delicious, healthy vegetables and herbs all year around. These are available to the community of Nagambie for a small donation.

About ten people meet every Monday to plant, harvest, weed and have a good time together.

fresh vegetables

It is surprising to learn that Australians spend a whopping $7 billion annually on professional gardening and landscaping services. It is worth noting that it is the older generations, particularly the Baby Boomers, who are leading the way. This amount of spending emphasises the significance of nature and the outdoors in our lives. For some people, gardening is not just about creating beautiful surroundings; it is also about building a sense of community.

garden group

In the beginning,

The idea and vision way back in 2012, when the group started, was to recycle, reuse and reinvent rather than buy new. Fruit boxes were painted and filled with soil. Timber, corrugated iron and star pickets were used to build the compost bays.

fresh vegetables

Donated pots, bricks, worm baths, etc., quickly filled the yard, and a round table was donated and placed under the old carport, which is now where the group sit for their morning “smoko”. (Except during winter, when they move inside for their cuppa.)

garden group

The garden is also open to the general public every Monday if anyone would like to come and have a look or perhaps buy some produce. Any time of year, the garden is booming with different vegetables and herbs, but the Garden Group also has several different types of succulents for sale for just a gold coin or two. 

garden group

Vegetables and edible potted plants are available for purchase from the community garden at Prentice St on Monday mornings.

Got green fingers or would like to get some?

Then Monday mornings at 7 Prentice St is your time and place to be!