Computer Support

Sally offers Computer Support on most Fridays except during school holidays or when she is babysitting her grandchildren. It is important to book in for your own individual time slot. For up to date session times check out the latest newsletter or give Sally a ring. The support is offered to members at the normal $2 a session fee. For non-members please get in touch with Sally. Remember to bring along your device and all your passwords if you need a hand fixing a problem.

Group Leader: Sally Fyfield

Phone: 0408 141 969


It was 2007 when Steve Jobs launched Apple’s very first iPhone. Since then, many more generations of touch screen mobile phones have followed and for some of us, these different devices have come to replace both the camera, diary, stereo, cookbook, and dictionary just to mention a few…

For some however, it seems like the world of devices came about just a tad too quickly. They might want to learn how to navigate their phones, iPads, and laptops but don’t quite know where to start. It is for them, and anyone else who wants to learn or perhaps share their knowledge with others, that Sally Fyfield started up the Community House Computer Group.

This group is open to anyone with a mobile phone, computer or tablet and participants are advised to bring their own device to work with. Leader of the group is Community House Secretary Sally Fyfield, who has been a Grade One/Prep teacher and IT coordinator responsible for school networks for many years. She has a great understanding for those who might feel like technology just marched ahead and left them behind. “The inspiration or idea to start this group came from people asking me questions,” Sally tells me as I meet up with her just before one of her classes is about to start. “I figured that if people learnt where and how to find their own answers that could be very helpful. I also believe that anyone who wants to learn, can!”

Sally is one of those rare multitalented people who can use both operating systems and with ease, used to pull computers apart to find spare parts or fix whatever was broken. “But I don’t really do that anymore” she laughs and adds that computers these days also look a lot different from what they used to. Perhaps a bit rare for someone with her level of knowledge and expertise, Sally is also incredibly patient and doesn’t mind explaining things both once, twice or three times if someone doesn’t understand. “If a person is finding it a bit intimidating to come to the class and doesn’t really know where to start, I’m happy to help out on a one to one basis as well,” she adds in a typical Sallyesque manner. 

The different topics the Computer Group has covered are: “Using my devices”, “Microsoft programs – Word, Excel, Power Point”, “Searching the internet” and “Emailing”, to mention a few. Sally also points out that just by having people talking about what they do with their devices, others can learn and pick up new skills.

So who has been coming to the classes thus far? “Many of the people who have come haven’t had a lot of experience or they know that there is always something more to learn. And we have already found that people in the group have helped one another. That’s also one of my goals with the class, to see the sessions become more of a ‘group share’, where we bring things we have found and learnt and show others. Maybe by next year we’ll get to that point! Right now I’m running more basic things on how to use the devices and where to find the answers to your own questions… Or perhaps more accurately; how do you ask your questions and where do you go to get your answers; Google, YouTube or perhaps an app. 

Before our little interview is over, the first visitor to the class comes in through the door of the House and Sally gets started on what she does so well; teaching by empowering, listening and challenging. If you feel like you would like to learn more about how to use your computer, smart phone or tablet, do swing by the Community House; there truly is no better place to start than at one of Sally’s courses.


And now the group focusses mainly on people’s questions and finding out answers.