Craft Group

The Craft Group meets on Mondays between 10:00am and 12 noon.

Group Leader: Beryl Dukes

Phone: 5794 2829


The Community House Craft Group has been known by a few different names, and it is one of the longest running groups the House has seen. The Craft Group is open to anyone who enjoys crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, or wants to learn how to do it. 

A lot more than craft happens at this lively group. There’s always lots of chatting and music and of course a wonderful sharing of ideas.

And if you’re ever looking for a good belly laugh this is the place to be.

Who is welcome?  Anybody! Anybody at all; we don’t care what craft you bring along, whatever you bring, we’ll be happy to see you. 

Only a few generations ago, knitting, crocheting or sewing were general household skills. It wasn’t uncommon for families to make their own clothes and if they tore or ripped, the clothes were mended or its fabric reused for something else. With a society that has become increasingly busy however, it seems many of these talents and skills have become lost treasures. But not in the Craft Group. The people who meet up Monday mornings at the House are all at different skill levels; some are beginners and some could crochet the world map if you asked them to, but they all have a passion for the trade in common.

Beryl Dukes has been a member of the House since it started and is also the leader of the Craft Group. How long have you been a member? Forever! Right since it started. I might have missed the first meeting when they got together; I came in about the second one… 

How long have you overseen the craft group? Almost since the beginning. As soon as we got the House to meet in, we started the Craft Group – almost immediately. It was the first one to get going. 

What are some of the mutual projects you’ve done over the past few years? We haven’t done a lot of mutual projects, we mostly bring our own thing and sit around and do what we do and chat. That’s the concept of the group. 

What do you enjoy the most about this group? Just the calm, peace and friendliness. Everybody who comes along is lovely. And you learn a bit from people doing different crafts. Card making sometimes. Most do knitting and crocheting. It was great to try something different. 

How many come on average on the Monday mornings? Anything up to eight or nine at times, but usually six. Been up and down over the years. For a while there were only two of us coming but it has built up a bit recently. Five or six usually. 

Is the group open for people to come and learn a new skill? It is… I don’t guarantee we’ll have a teacher for you, I crochet left handed which makes it difficult to teach. Just about everybody is good with showing others how to do things. You can usually get the help you need, but I can’t guarantee it every week. 

What are some of the funnest or dearest memories you have? One thing we did, we went up to the craft show at Shepparton one year. That was good fun. Going to that. Everybody had a look around, bought bits and pieces had coffee and a chat. Pretty low key.

You are currently working together with Ana Williams who has become somewhat of a local spokesperson for infant loss. Could you tell me a little bit more about that mutual project?  She came to us about making memory boxes for parents of stillborn children. We’ve taken that onboard; we’re sort of making little caps that can be put into the memory boxes for her. It is kind of nice to have a project although not everyone is interested.

The notice board gives us a bit of an opportunity to do things together, too. Currently we are doing a border for the notice board. Quite a lot of bits of pieces will go into it. I don’t mind. I sit quite a lot at home, I don’t stand very well. I just pick it up and make a leaf or something, surprising how many you can make in a day.

The beautiful border is now complete and can be seen the next time you’re able to come and visit the House.