Go Men

Many locals already know about the Nagambie Movember initiative, spearheaded by the excellent Reg Dickinson. For the past couple of years, men have been growing moustaches and beards for the month of November to then shave them off at the end. The initiative is intended both to raise awareness and funds for men’s health.

Go Men meets mainly in November.

Group Leader: Reg Dickinson

Phone: 0402 093 189

Email: regmno@gmail.com

On Wednesday the 13th of November 2019, ‘Go Men’ arranged its very first Men’s Breakfast! The event focussed on men’s health, and was well attended by both men and women. Brent Davies from Goulburn Physiotherapy spoke in a most engaging manner, focussing on exercising to keep the body and mind healthy.

Men’s Breakfast at the Top Pub

From Reg

Go Men started up about three and a half years ago when a few old fossils were sitting around enjoying a coffee (Yes, Coffee), after a game of bowls. Somehow the subject of Movember came up and we all saw what a good cause it was, however the money that could possibly be raised by us would leave the town and end up in a pile somewhere else.

Our thoughts were that if we were to jump on board we would prefer to see the money raised stay in Nagambie. And so Go Men was born. We meet informally, there is no structure or committee in place, we simply hold a few events in November, which has traditionally now become men’s health month.

The money raised has been allocated to Nagambie Healthcare for the last three years and, as of 2020, we are not too far off the $10,000 mark. 

We have been well supported from the outset by Paul and Amelia from the Royal Mail Hotel and the generosity of mostly Nagambie people. We would welcome any others who wish to become part of this group and to find out more give Reg Dickinson a call.