Lakeside Larks

The Lakeside Larks are a group of people between the ages of 9 and 79 who simply LOVE to sing and have a laugh! The Larks entertain at aged hostels, parties, Anzac Day, school and church fetes. This year they will again perform at the community Christmas carols.

Leader: Wendy Mason

Meets each Thursday at 5 pm


Note: A community house fee of $2 applies

Lakeside Larks are delighted with moving to The Community House. We sound amazing in the ‘music’ room, with its high ceilings! And it’s comfortable, and it’s homely. And there’s tea and coffee!

Wendy Mason

wendy mason lakeside larks

In 2020, the Nagambie Lakeside Larks decided to relocate to the Community House.

“Our first get-together for 2021 was a practice for Australia Day.  We sang Advance Australia Fair with the new word ‘one’ instead of ‘young!’ Then ‘I Am Australian’. On the 20th of January, we held our Christmas breakup party at Faye and Bardi’s. Awesome!”

lakeside larks

“On Australia Day, we sang at the Awards Ceremony, which, due to the rain, had to be moved to the Royal Mail Hotel marquee in the centre of town.”

Newcomers are most welcome to join Lakeside Larks, and oldcomers are welcome, too!

“Come and join us on Thursday evenings for an hour from 5:30 pm. There’s a heater for the cold nights and an aircon for the hot nights. We are very spoiled.”

lakeside larks

 And just a reminder – everyone is welcome to join the Larks! Young, old, professional singers or those of you who only sing in the shower. If you’re unsure, why not just come along and check it out?