The Matildas group attends cultural events such as plays and exhibitions

Leader: Ilona King

Phone: 0421 247 372


Note: Community House fee of $2 pp applies

Ilona King, group leader of the matildas

There are endless advantages to living in a small country town… The morning chat as you buy your first coffee at the local café.  Not only knowing the names of your neighbours but also knowing they will be there to lend you a cup of sugar, a hedge trimmer, a trailer or a helping hand if needed.

Your kids can walk themselves to school or always have someone keeping an eye on your house as you’re away on holiday.  One thing, however, that could get a bit more challenging if you live in a small place like Nagambie is participating in and accessing cultural events and exhibitions. And that’s exactly where the Community House group Matildas comes into the picture.

The Matilda’s is one of the house’s longest-running groups, originally started by Jeannette Murray.

Its concept is simple and brilliant: Gather a group of new and old friends. Look into what different cultural events our region offers, and go there together.

The new leader of Matildas is Ilona King, who has lived in Nagambie with her husband, Larry, for eight years. If her face looks familiar, it might be because you’ve seen her at the RSL or the Visitor Information Centre. Ilona has been volunteering for over six years, sharing both her knowledge, warm smile and sincere kindness.

Everyone is welcome to join the group, regardless of age. “If you normally find it a bit difficult to go out or if you don’t want to drive for some reason, that’s not a problem. We help each other out! You also don’t have to be a member of the Community House.” Ilona continues to share how she is doing her best to keep the cost of the events down. “The ballet in Mooroopna might be a bit expensive, but if you went to see it in Melbourne, it would cost even more.

Amateur theatre isn’t that dear either, and because we carpool, we save on transportation.”