Tow & Yarn

Tow & Yarn is a group for people who enjoy camping, friendship and travelling

Leader: Max Dunstone

Phone: 5794 1868

If you have a caravan, motorhome, camper trailer, or tent, and you enjoy caravanning, camping, or just good company – why not join us?

max dunstone from tow & yarn

Do you enjoy camping but don’t have anyone to go with, let alone own a caravan? Despair not! The Tow ‘n’ Yarn group at the Community House can solve all your problems!

tow & yarn

Embarking on a caravanning adventure with friends is an exhilarating journey. One that seamlessly blends camaraderie with the freedom of the open road. As the convoy of vehicles sets out, each one loaded with supplies and excitement, the anticipation of discovering new destinations and creating lasting memories fills the air. The road trip becomes a shared experience. Laughter echoes through the windows, and the spirit of adventure binds the group together.

tow & yarn

From cozy campfires under the starlit sky to impromptu pit stops at roadside attractions. Every moment becomes a chapter in the collective story of friendship. The camaraderie deepens as friends share the joy of exploration, navigate unexpected twists and turns, and revel in the simple pleasures of the journey. Caravanning with friends transforms an ordinary road trip into an extraordinary voyage. One filled with connection, discovery, and the shared thrill of the open highway.

For those who enjoy caravanning, camping and good company! You don’t need to own all the equipment or be a survival specialist to join! Just come along and make some new friends.

visiting the grampians